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"I am very happy with the services you and Miriam provide for me. Your office is a very friendly and personable environment, appointments are on time (one of my main dentist gripes prior to going to Matt Greene), and the checkups and communication are very thorough. These things make dentist visits significantly more pleasant. Thanks!"
Larry B.
"Dr. Mostafa Bakir is very nice and highly recommended."
Sadaf K.
"Great atmosphere! Very friendly and attentive. They go above and beyond for their patients!! Don’t think twice go!!?"
Loni S.
"Dr. Bakir’s office squeezed me in when I had extreme pain. turned out I needed a root canal. Caring, professional, and goes above and beyond (like, gave me cell # so I can contact him at night if pain and/or fever returned). The experience there was so phenomenal, I’ve switched my dental office and will continue to enroll in PPO just so I can remain as their client. Thank you to everyone in your team."
Jess C.
"I started experiencing extreme pain. Like the kind that spans from your cheekbone to the jaw first, then to the entire half of your head. My dental office wasn’t open that day so I frantically called every dentist offices that my insurance took (it’s a PPO), and finally had luck with Dr. Bakir’s office. Tiffany answered my phone call and she sounded like she genuinely cared. After a brief hold, they were able to squeeze me in about 2 hours later! After quick X-rays, Dr. Bakir told me I needed a root canal. Dr. Bakir asked if I wanted to proceed here or return to my previous dental office. I didn’t even hesitate. After he treated my tooth and placed a temporary cap, he even gave me his cell so if any conditions worsen, I can contact him asap. That night, I started to have fever, so I texted. He immediately replied, with suggestions on what medication I can take to relieve pain and reduce fever. From then on to the day I received my permanent crown, it has been a truly exceptional experience, and I will be a loyal client of Dr. Bakir’s office. Thank you to all – Dr. Bakir, Lisa, and Tiffany! You helped me get back to life with little interruption. And the hygienist, Mary, is so thorough, I doubt I’ve ever had my teeth cleaned that well, pain free. The entire team deserves 5/5!"
Jessica O.
"As much as I hate going to the dentist, Dr. Bakir and his staff provide a comfortable, clean, friendly, and professional office environment. When I attend my appointments there, it’s not much more stressful than going to a barbershop for a fresh cut."
Brian W.